Performance Verification Program

Performance Verification Program

The Performance Verification (PV) Program is a unique program run by e-Stewards’ directly to increase rigor and confidence among stakeholders in its e-Stewards® certification program in addition to the normal annual audits accomplished by accredited certification bodies. The special program which was asked for by e-Stewards recyclers now involves three different aspects.

1. Unannounced Inspections: These inspections are designed to make sure that the Standard is being followed between annual audits. They involve random inspections by a qualified consultant auditor employed by e-Stewards. The inspector can appear at any working hour and request paperwork, interview employees, examine the loading docks and floor operations. They can take place at process facilities and ancillary sites.

In preparation for this Program, every e-Steward recycler will be required to document the procedure describing how your company will receive unannounced inspectors. e-Stewards Recyclers will be required to immediately permit entry into all sites by our inspectors. Please click here* to access a check list to assist you in preparing for an inspection.

2. GPS Monitoring. e-Stewards also randomly deliver electronic scrap equipment with embedded GPS trackers to e-Stewards recyclers to make sure companies fulfill their downstream obligations for electronic wastes. e-Stewards Recyclers can also purchase though the EarthEye™ program more GPS trackers for their own use to provide their customers more than just random assurance. For more information on this technology visit our and the EarthEye program click here.

3. Critical Non-Conformity Policy: A critical non-conformity is a category of egregious and willful violation of the e-Stewards Standard. These violations may be identified by the e-Stewards administrator outside of the normal set of audits by the e-Stewards Certifying Bodies. The e-Stewards administrator can make use of the Critical Non-Conformity Policy approved by the e-Stewards Leadership Council to withhold or withdraw the certification of e-Stewards. This provides greater assurance to customers that organization that willfully try to game the e-Stewards system and present harm to human health and the environment in so doing, will not remain in the program. This policy is available here.

If an organization, whose certification was withdrawn or withheld, wishes to seek a new e-Stewards certification in the future, it is only allowed to do so if the organization completes the following:

  • A minimum of two years out of the program, from the date of BAN’s final decision, unless BAN determines a shorter period of time is justified due to extenuating circumstances;
  • Access to a new e-Stewards license has been be reinstated after BAN completes a review of the corrective actions made by the organization;
  • A written approval from the Executive Director of BAN is issued allowing the organization to begin a new process of becoming certified; and
  • A new audit process must be completed by an e-Stewards accredited Certification Body and a new license issued by BAN, before a new certificate can be issued by the Certification Body.

Companies with e-Stewards Certificates Withdrawn or Withheld Due to the Critical Non-Conformity Policy:

Company Name Location Date Certificate was Withdrawn or Withheld Documentation
eGreen IT Solutions
  • 11034 N 23rd Dr, Suite 107 Phoenix, AZ 85029
Withdrawn March 2, 2023
Tech Resale
  • 260 DL Sargent Drive, Ste. B, Cedar City, UT 94721
Withdrawn August 15, 2022
Total Reclaim
  • 2200 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA, USA
  • 12050 Industry Way, Anchorage, AK, USA
  • 6427 NE 59th Place, Portland, OR, USA
Withdrawn May 3, 2016

Diversified Recycling
  • 2700 Hazelhurst Avenue, Orlando, FL, USA
Withheld February 25, 2015