A Workforce Inclusion Program

ADVANCE+ is an e-Stewards initiative focused on providing jobs for individuals with autism and other disabilities while creating bottom line benefits for Certified e-Stewards and ESG enhancement for Enterprise Partners.

For Processors

The ADVANCE+ workforce inclusion training program is designed to help your business source and retain loyal, productive, and safe workers.

For Enterprises

Enterprises can support the ADVANCE+ program by using those processors enrolled in the program. Use the button below to find processors that are currently enrolled in the ADVANCE+ program.

Advance+ Program Overview

ADVANCE+ is an e-Stewards social impact initiative focused on providing recycling jobs for individuals with autism and other disabilities while creating bottom-line benefits for Certified e-Stewards Processors. In implementing the program we have partnered with two nationally recognized workplace inclusion consultants: 1) James Emmett and Company, and 2) Opportunity Enterprises These companies work in tandem to provide the best training and services for your individual company needs

Why Join?

The ADVANCE+ workforce inclusion program will help your business source and retain loyal, productive, and safe workers with disabilitiesDuring this period of unprecedented challenges related to labor retention, it is gratifying to know that there is a workforce waiting in the wings with proven aptitudes, affinity, and abilities tied specifically to the scope of work performed in the electronics recycling industry. Our consultants will help you learn how to tap and leverage this outstanding resource. The employment model used for this program tracked occupational data since 2010 and discovered this workforce to exceed expectations, and often superior to traditional workersADVANCE+ participants are highly reliable, productive, loyal, and safe.  

ROI, CSR, and ESG Impact.

ADVANCE+ participant employers can track and promote significant social and economic advantages achieved through the employment and inclusion of workers with disabilities such as autism. First, the return on investment (ROI) you’ll make is designed to cover all costs within the first year. Second, you will be creating social impact with meaningful employment for people with disabilities, which is reflected in measurable impacts such as taxpayer savings and tax-generating benefits to communities.  These benefits can in turn be reflected in your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting. This helps attract and retain customers who seek vendors who can produce even more than the obvious environmental benefits.  

Projected Hires
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Participating Companies

e-Stewards Certified Processors:

  • Apto Solutions, Inc. – Atlanta, GA
  • Ingram Micro Services, LLC – Indianapolis, IN
  • Kuusakoski US LLC – Plainfield, IL
  • Liquid Technology, Inc. – Bensenville, IL
  • Sipi Asset Recovery -Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Sipi Asset Recovery – Hayward, CA
  • Cascade Asset Management, LLC – Indianapolis, IN
  • Sage Sustainable Electronics LLC -Columbus, OH
  • Sage Sustainable Electronics LLC – Reno, NV
  • Comprenew, Inc. – Grand Rapids, MI
  • Global Ewaste Solutions – Plymouth, MN


  • Kellogg Supply Company – Phoenix, AZ
  • Fernco, Inc. – Davison, MI
  • Toyota Motors Manufacturing Indiana – Princeton, IN
  • Vuteq – Princeton, IN
  • Manitoba Corp. – St. Louis, MO
  • VH Techworks – Plano, TX

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