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Certified e-Stewards Processors form the foundation of the e-Stewards community. These organizations consistently surpass industry norms, diligently serve their customers, and set an example of excellence for the electronics recycling and reuse industry. Through their steadfast commitment to responsible and sustainable practices, e-Stewards Processors contribute significantly to the industry’s progress, establishing a benchmark for others to follow.  


e-Stewards Enterprise Partners stand out as industry leaders, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to principled practices in their electronic processing needs. These forward-thinking organizations prioritize responsible sourcing by preferring to partner with e-Stewards Processors, dedicated to ethical practices. e-Stewards Enterprises not only elevate their own corporate responsibility but also champion a broader movement towards integrity and sustainability in the electronics lifecycle. We are grateful to have these organizations’ support in shaping the future of responsible electronics management.  

Leadership Council

The e-Stewards Leadership Council comprised of critical stakeholders in Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD), including processors, enterprises, governments, and NGOs, and AssociationsA testament to collaborative excellence, the Leadership Council serves as the advisory body of e-Stewards. Offering expertise in technical matters, and value propositions for business, environmental, and social policy, the council approves e-Stewards plans and initiatives, providing invaluable insight and recommendations.


When you join or support e-Stewards, you are joining an elite community of collaborative stakeholders including corporate entities, responsible processors, NGOs and the general public.  We share knowledge, connect at industry conferences, and participate in e-Stewards hosted events.  We welcome you! 

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