The Nine Steps to Achieving Certification

Achieve e-Stewards Certification in the following simple steps

1) Introductory Call

Schedule an introductory call to ask questions, learn more about the program, and discuss next steps. 

2) Download the Standard

Download and familiarize yourself with the latest version of the e-Stewards Standard.

3) Gap Analysis

Conduct a gap analysis between current operations and the e-Stewards standard requirements.

4) Prepare Facilities

Implement the standard requirements within your facilities.

5) Schedule Audits

Contract with one of the four e-Stewards accredited independent certifying bodies (CBs) to schedule your audits. 

6) Submit e-Stewards Application for Certification

7) Obtain NAID AAA Certification

Successfully pass your audit and achieve NAID AAA certification.

8) Complete Stage 1 & 2 Audits

Successfully complete Stage 1, and Stage 2 audits for both e-Stewards and the EMS of your choice (RIOS or ISO 14001

9) Submit Agreement and Fee

Send signed e-Stewards Licensing and Marketing Agreement to e-Stewards program administrator and pay annual license and marketing fee.

Certification Achieved!

Upon Successful completion of your audits the Certifying Body will notify us of your achievement and your e-Stewards Certificate will be issued.  

Ready to Start the Process?

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