Become an e-Stewards Enterprise

A Community of Industry Leaders

e-Stewards Enterprises are companies and institutions
that have partnered with the e-Stewards program.

e-Stewards Enterprise partners sign a Memorandum of Understanding indicating agreement to:

1) Use e-Stewards Processors

Make use of at least one e-Stewards Processor to regularly manage their used electronic assets

2) Prefer e-Stewards

Maintain a preference for e-Stewards in future contracting as a policy

3) Share Logos

Agree to share name and corporate logo for co-promotion 

4) Donate

Contribute an optional but suggested donation based on organization size. 

What do our Enterprise Partners Receive?

e-Stewards Endorsement

Endorsed as an e-Stewards Enterprise and as an organization that protects their customers’ data and the planet.  


Display your e-Stewards Enterprise Seal as an organization that handles their electronic assets in an ethical manner.  

Employee Engagement

Conduct an employee/customer e-waste takeback event with e-Stewards Processors. 

GPS Tracking

Access our EarthEye tracking program at discount. 

Leadership Council

Eligibility to be elected to the e-Stewards Leadership Council

ESG Enhancement

Be able to report on ESG criteria from use of e-Stewards Certified Processors

Why Use
e-Stewards Certified Processors

When you use an e-Stewards processor, you are demonstrating your commitment to ethical electronics processing.   

Strictly follows international waste trade law

Includes NAID AAA Certification for the strictest data security

Requires all processor sites of a company to be certified

Annually audits by third party certifying bodies

Conducts random, unannounced inspections

Uses hidden GPS tracking to verify downstream

How to Join

Introductory Call

Schedule an introductory call to start the process

Sign Memorandum of Understanding

A simple agreement to formalize your Enterprise commitment.

Fulfill your Commitment

Fulfill and report annually on your commitment. 

Ready to Become an Enterprise?

Meet with a member of
our team to learn more and get started!

Hear from the Community

We take pride in our

Commitment to Customer Service

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions about our standard, the industry as a whole, or any other electronics processing matter. 

Prema George
Enterprise Director

"I will be your main point of contact as you join and once you are a part of the Enterprise Program. I look forward to welcoming you into our community."

Frequently Asked Questions

The e-Stewards program was first initated as a pledge by the Basel Action Network, BAN, in 2003 in response to the horrors discovered overseas by in Guiyu, China as shown in the BAN film “Exporting Harm”. It was seen as vital that the public be able to find recyclers that truly recycled and did not simply export their e-waste and scrap to developing countries. The program has now evolved to an accredited Certification based on the e-Stewards Standard.

e-Stewards certification is an accredited, third-party audited, certification program for electronics recyclers, refurbishers and asset managers, based on the e-Stewards Standard which defines best practices for ethical and responsible used electronic equipment managemente-Stewards Certified Processors attract customers who care about data security, brand protection, human rights and environmental justice. 

The current e-Stewards Standard for Ethical and Responsible Reuse, Recycling, and Disposition of Electronic Equipment and Information Technology Version 4.1 was published on February 22, 2022. It establishes best practices for globally responsible and ethical electronics recycling and reuse. It prohibits the export of hazardous electronic waste from developed to developing countries while allowing viable technology to be reused. It includes the ISO 14001 or RIOs standard as an Environmental Management System and requires Certification to i-Sigma’s NAID AAA Data Security Standard. Certified e-Stewards recyclers are audited by accredited certification bodies to assure conformity to the e-Stewards Standard.

e-Stewards certified recyclers among the best electronics recyclers in the world and adhere to the strictest standards for safe, responsible and legal recycling and reuse. are audited and certified to the highest global standard. e-Stewards possesses a conformity assurance methodology second to none. It is described as a Leadership Standard as it is created by a consensus of community leaders and not simply a consensus of all actors. By using it Enterprise companies and institutions will foster high standards of ESG leadership and avoid liabilities that have plagued the recycling industry.

Being an e-Stewards Enterprise means your company or institution has signed the Enterprise Memorandum of Understanding with BAN and are thus committed to the cause ethical and responsible recycling globally. It indicates that your organization will always prefer using certified e-Stewards recyclers. However, any organization can use an e-Stewards certified recyclers for their asset disposition whether registered formally as an Enterprise partner or not.

After the Enterprise Memorandum of Understanding has been signed, we’ll email you a welcome package, complete with a copy of our logo and terms for its use. Displaying the e-Stewards logo on your site shows your commitment to environmental and social justice and lets your clients know you’ve chosen to always prefer e-Stewards for your asset disposition. It’s your choice whether or not you display the e-Stewards logo, but we hope you do.

You can find e-Stewards certified recyclers using our Find a Recycler Map and our Certified Recycler list.