Certification Bodies/Auditors

Accredited Certification Bodies

NSF International Strategic Registrations, LTD.Contact: Stacey. L Mack
Phone: (419) 370-1311
Fax: (267) 274-9900
Email: smack@nsf.org
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Orion Registar, Inc.Contact: Paul Burck
Phone: (303) 645-4002
Email: President@orion4value.com
Location: Arvada, Colorado, USA
Perry Johnson RegistrarsContact : Austin Matthews
Phone: (248) 358.3388 ext. 5706
Fax: (248) 247.3439
Email: amatthews@PJR.COM
Location: Troy, Michigan, USA
SAI GlobalContact: John Fraser
Phone: (800) 465-3717, ext 8671
Email: john.fraser@saiglobal.com
Location: Headquarters, Independence, Ohio, USA

Conformity Assurance

In order for e-Stewards certification to have value for your customers, e-Stewards relies on the following sources for its conformity assurance:

  • The independent (third-party) audit system which employs accredited certification bodies (CBs) that conduct audits to assure that your operations conform to the e-Stewards Standard.
  • e-Stewards uniquely conducts its own Performance Verification Program which includes unannounced inspections and the use of EarthEye™ GPS tracking to ensure that electronic equipment goes only to approved locations where it supposed to go under the terms of the e-Stewards Standard. Performance Verification program includes a Critical Non-Conformity Policy, that allows for the e-Stewards administrator to remove or suspend e-Stewards for egregious violations of the standard.

Third-Party Independent Audit System

This verification system is based on global rules and norms, as well as additional oversight by the e-Stewards program administrator. The verification system of the e-Stewards program relies on multiple tiers of conformity assurance professionals.

  • International Accreditation Forum (IAF) – administers global rules for accreditation bodies
  • ANAB (member of IAF) – the e-Stewards’ accreditation body, which accredits all qualified e-Stewards certifying bodies
  • e-Stewards Certifying Bodies (CBs) – must meet rules set by both the accreditation body and the e-Stewards program administrator, including formal training
  • e-Stewards auditors (employed by CBs) – must meet rules for auditors set by both the accreditation body and the e-Stewards program administrator, including formal training
  • e-Stewards program administrator – actively oversees the quality and consistency of the verification system

As an e-Stewards candidate, you’ll be likely dealing only with certifying bodies (CB’s), auditors, and at times the e-Stewards program administrator.

Certifying Bodies

e-Stewards accredited certifying bodies are the organizations that certify your facility to the e-Stewards Standard —the crucial step in becoming an e-Stewards recycler. These CBs, listed below, once contracted, will independently audit and certify all of your electronic recycling facilities located within one country within the allotted time period of 18 months. Once you have contracted and scheduled with a CB of choice, they will first perform a Stage 1 audit to determine your readiness, and then perform a Stage 2 audit, followed by a process to ‘close’ any non-conformities found.

Our CBs above are the only ones currently qualified to audit and certify your facility(ies). In order to be accepted into the e-Stewards program, all CBs must meet ANAB requirements as well as additional requirements from the e-Stewards program administrator, including:

  • Meet minimum e-Stewards qualifications, including showing a clean track record of operating with a minimum of suspensions from the Accreditation Body (ANAB).
  • Be accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), or another designated IAF-member accreditation body, that meets rigorous e-Stewards accreditation requirements.
  • Be accredited ISO 14001 certification bodies. Applicant certification bodies must have been accredited to deliver ISO 14001 certifications by ANAB or another IAF-member accreditation body for at least one year prior to application as an e-Stewards CB.
  • Meet the ISO/IEC 17021 requirements for bodies providing audits and certification of management systems in electrical and electronic equipment and recycling industries.
  • Have sufficient audit staff available trained and qualified according to a rigorous auditor training approved by the e-Stewards program manager, and currently provided by SAI Global training division.
  • Successfully complete an office assessment and a regular audit witnessed by their e-Stewards accreditation body.
  • Have a working knowledge of the Basel Convention for Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal.

A Note on ISO 14001 certification:

e-Stewards candidates that are already ISO 14001 certified may request that their ISO 14001 registration is transferred to their e-Stewards certification body. This is so the ISO portion of the e-Stewards audit, if unnecessary, does not have to be repeated in the first year.


Auditors who participate in the e-Stewards program must be qualified according to ANAB and ISO 19011 Guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing requirements. In addition they need to upload the specific requirements for e-Stewards auditor qualification which include:

  • Being fully qualified as an ISO 14001 auditor.
  • Completion of a 5 day BAN designated e-Stewards auditor training course and successful completion of exams.
  • Continuing education requirements for an auditor refresher training course approved by BAN, usually every 36 months following completion of the initial training.