Obtain the Official Standard

Currently, e-Stewards recyclers/refurbishers can either be Certified to the older Version 4.0 of the Standard or to the new Version 4.1 depending on the readiness of the Certifying Body to do so. A transition plan has been published that describes the dates and timeline for the transition for existing e-Stewards from Version 4.0 to 4.1. To access Version 4.0 of the Standard, the new Version 4.1 of the Standard, the Sanctioned Interpretations found within it, or the Plan to Transition to V4.1, see the table below.

e-Stewards Standard Version 4.1

Official Standard

Official e-Stewards Standard V4.0 Official e-Stewards Standard V4.1 e-Stewards Standard V4 Guidance e-Stewards Standard Standard V4.1 with V4 Guidance
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(Last Updated on 5/2/2022)
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(Last Updated on 5/2/2022)

First Sanctioned Interpretations Adopted February 22, 2022

Version 4.1 with Highlighted Changes Isolated Sanctioned Interpretations Part A and B Transition Plan from V4.0 to V4.1
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Terms of Use for the Official Standard

The e-Stewards Standard requires the international environmental management systems standard ISO 14001© (ISO) or RIOS™ (Recycling Industry Operating Standard). Additionally, as of July 1, 2022, it will require the current version of the international data security standard known as NAID AAA Certification including all NAID endorsements relevant to the Organization’s business model.