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e-Stewards Standard Version 3.1

Official Standard

Official e-Stewards Standard V3.1 Citation List of Sanctioned Interpretations V3.1
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Official Standard

e-Stewards Standard V3.1 including the most recent Sanctioned Interpretations of the e-Stewards Standard is currently the version of the standard that must be used for all certification purposes.

Terms of Use for the Official Standard

As the purchaser of the Standard you are required to follow ANSI’s End User License Agreement regarding its use, which includes a limit on the number of copies you may store and print with each purchase. Following purchase, you will receive one digital copy via e-mail, and may produce one hard copy, as per ANSI requirements. The End User License Agreement is available in full by clicking here.

Sanctioned Interpretations to the Official Standard

V3 Sanctioned Interpretations are integrated into each updated Publication Version Series 3.0 (e.g. 3.1, 3.2). Note: Updated versions of V3, which integrate new Sanctioned Interpretations, will be provided for free to individuals who previously purchased a V3.0 Series Standard.