V4 Early Bird Special

In anticipation of the launch of Version 4.0 of the e-Stewards Standard, e-Stewards is offering a unique special for Recyclers not currently e-Stewards Certified, should they wish to become early adopters. For companies wishing to join e-Stewards prior to January 26, 2020 we will be offering the following benefits:

V4.0 Early Bird Special Benefits:

  • 30% off first annual license fee
  • Access to take part in V4.0 e-Stewards only special standard comment period (Oct 21-Nov 20)
  • Access to the EarthEye™ GPS Tracking Program at e-Stewards preferred rates
  • Access to apply for an ADVANCE+ Program Scholarship (you pay $2,000, valued at $35,000) to receive unique training in employing autism spectrum workers

In order to attain these benefits, the company will need to:

  1. complete a revenue verification form so we can assess your annual fee
  2. make an earnest deposit of 30% of your first year’s annual fee
  3. sign a short agreement stating:
    • your commitment to become fully certified within 6 months of the new Standard being released (estimated release date Feb. 25, 2020)
    • you may cancel the contract, in writing, by March 10, 2020 and receive a 100% refund

Click here to calculate your estimated annual fee.

To take advantage of this exciting offer, start the process here, or contact:

Salomé Stähli, e-Stewards Program Manager
e-mail: salome@e-Stewards.org
Phone: 206-436 – 8595