e-Stewards Announces Early Bird Certification Special for New Standard

Fee Reduction for early adopters of new Standard Version 4.0

Seattle, WA. October 14, 2019 – Today, e-Stewards®, the ethical electronics recycling certification program, announced a one-time new Early Bird Special opportunity for recyclers not yet certified to e-Stewards to become certified to the latest e-Stewards Version 4.0. New recyclers must take advantage of this offer by November 20, 2019, and commit to having their first facility certified to Version 4.0 within 6 months of the Standard release date slated for February 25, 2020.

V4.0 Early Bird Special Benefits

  • 30% off first annual license fee
  • Access to take part in V4.0 e-Stewards only special standard comment period (Oct 21-Nov 20)
  • Access to the EarthEye GPS Tracking Program at e-Stewards preferred rates
  • Access to apply for an ADVANCE+ Program Scholarship (valued at $35,000, you pay $2000) to receive unique training in employing autism spectrum workers

We are excited about our new streamlined Standard Version 4.0 and want to provide an incentive for newcomers wishing to help us refine it and then join the e-Stewards Community“, said Salomé Stähli, e-Stewards Program Manager. “We are sure they will be impressed not only with the standard but also with our many adjunct programs and opportunities for e-Stewards community involvement.

Version 4.0 is designed to be shorter, simpler, and less prescriptive while retaining and improving performance and rigor, particularly in the rapidly evolving arena of data security. The new Standard Version 4.0 draft features:

  • A requirement for separate certification to ISO14001:2015 standard
  • Removal of the integrated ISO14001 text while maintaining ISO ordering
  • A requirement for separate data security certification (NAID AAA) (as of July 1, 2022)
  • Less specific documents required to be prepared and held
  • Performance verification via random unannounced inspections and GPS tracking
  • Incorporation of new Basel Convention trade rules
  • Reduced length (about 2/3 the length of Version 3.1)
  • More user-friendly, clearer, streamlined requirements
  • Publicly available at no cost

The Standard, which has been under development by a subcommittee of the Technical Committee for 8 months, will undergo two comment periods. On October 21, a 30-day period reserved for licensed e-Stewards Certified Recyclers and Refurbishers and e-Steward Enterprises will begin. Following that initial review, a final open comment period of 3 weeks will provide an opportunity for the general public to comment. A webinar will be given on November 16 to learn more about Version 4.0.

For more information contact:

Salomé Stähli, e-Stewards Program Manager
+1 (206) 436-8595
email hidden; JavaScript is required

About e-Stewards® Certification
The e-Stewards® Standard and Certification identifies and promotes the most ethical and responsible electronics recyclers and refurbishers around the world. e-Stewards Certified Recyclers agree to operate at the highest level of environmental and social responsibility. They will ensure that all residual private data on electronic waste equipment they receive is destroyed and that they will never export any hazardous electronics to developing countries from developed countries. In addition, the highest levels of worker and community protection must be met. Organizations that are e-Stewards Certified are audited yearly by third-party auditors. Performance is further uniquely verified by unannounced inspections and GPS tracking. The e-Stewards program is supported by a network of e-Stewards Enterprise partners, including major corporations, municipalities, nonprofits, and institutions that commit to making best efforts to use e-Stewards Certified Recyclers. For more information on e-Stewards, visit www.e-stewards.org or call +1 (206) 436-8595.