e-Stewards Unannounced Inspection Program Catches e-Waste Processors ‘Doing the Right Thing!’

Seattle, WA. November 3, 2021. The e-StewardsÒ Electronics Recycling Certification program today announced the Certified e-Stewards Processors that have, since the beginning of the year, successfully passed their randomized and wholly unannounced inspections.  They also announced those companies from 2019 that successfully had their downstream due-diligence tested, using GPS tracking. 

As part of its innovative Performance Verification (PV) program, the e-Stewards Certification, unlike any other industry certification in the world, utilizes random unannounced inspections and deployment of electronic scrap articles hosting EarthEye GPS tracker technology.

“It was our e-Stewards Processors themselves that insisted on these unannounced and random methods of conformity assurance,” said e-Stewards Certification Director Ms. Prema George. “They wanted to distinguish themselves from other companies by being caught doing the right thing.”

Companies that have successfully completed their unannounced inspections since the beginning of the year include:

Companies that have had their downstream checked with EarthEye GPS trackers in 2019*

Currently, due to the pandemic, the electronics processing facility inspections are conducted remotely by highly trained e-recycling auditors working for e-Stewards via handheld mobile smartphones. The inspection process takes about four hours and involves walking through the plant, interviewing workers, visiting the work stations, storage, and shipping areas, and pulling office files as requested. The downstream tracking methods involve delivering GPS-hosted electronic scrap devices to processors for recycling and following them via satellite to their final destinations.

The inspections and GPS tracking methods, which first became part of the program in 2017, are completely unannounced and random, ensuring a high level of accountability and vigilance of the e-Stewards Processors. So far, according to Ms. Prema George, the program has been highly successful, with most e-Stewards processors appreciating the surprise experience and, delighted to know their operations were in conformity with their Certification.  

“We thank our e-Stewards processors for their responsiveness, patience, cooperation, and especially their integrity — proven by these tests and inspections,” said George. “They are an essential part of what it means to be called a Certified e-Stewards Processor.”   *these are announced one year after deployment and in 2020 the pandemic held the program in abeyance.

For more information contact:

Ms. Prema George, e-Stewards Certification Director.
Phone: (206) 652-5555, e-Mail:  email hidden; JavaScript is required

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