Who Can Be Certified?


Any company and organization that perform significant recycling, repair, upgrading, and refurbishment of electronics can be certified to the e-Stewards Standard. These include:

  • electronics recyclers
  • refurbishers
  • asset managers
  • materials recovery operations

e-Stewards certification is currently not available to brokers, logistics companies, or those who collect electronics but do not recycle or repair them.

Certification is available in all countries worldwide, except for those where accredited e-Stewards certification bodies might not be allowed to do business.

The e-Stewards program is designed as a corporate certification. This means that within each country that a recycling company is located, all of its facilities must initially contract with an e-Stewards certification body and be certified within 18 months of the initial site’s certification. By ensuring that all of a company’s operations are certified, and not just one or a few, this provides customers with great confidence in a company’s overall commitment to responsible and ethical recycling.


Do the right thing for the environment and the bottom line. Get certified.