Ten Steps to Certification

  1. Download the e-Stewards Standard, along with the required Sanctioned Interpretations (amendments) to the standard. Review the Policies and Guidelines.
  2. Set up your ISO 14001 or RIOS Environmental Management System (EMS) and NAID AAA Certification according to the Standard. This will include the systems for taking care of environment, health & safety, data security, and social accountability. Independent consultants are available to assist.
  3. Get price quotes from the e-Stewards accredited independent certifying bodies (CBs) for all of your electronic recycling facilities in each country in which you wish to certify.
  4. Sign a contract with one of the CBs and schedule your audits.
  5. Complete the Application for e-Stewards Certification.
  6. After submitting your application form, reach out to the program administrator for the Revenue Verification Form (RVF). This will determine your annual license and marketing fee from the sliding scale, and the Performance Verification fee, based on the number of sites. Fill out and return the the RVF to the e-Stewards program administrator.
  7. Successfully complete Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits.
  8. Send signed e-Stewards Licensing and Marketing Agreement to e-Stewards program administrator and pay annual license and marketing fee.
  9. Fill out the website listing form for listing your company on the e-Stewards website.
  10. Ensure all additional facilities within the same country of the original contracted facility become e-Stewards Certified within 18 months of the initial facility’s certification, and send the e-Stewards Program Manager updated information as necessary.

Click here to download our detailed Ten Steps Checklist for getting certified.

Do the right thing for the environment and your business. Get certified.