Consultant Registry Program

The e-Stewards Initiative maintains an e-Stewards Qualified Consultant Registry Program. This program is an opportunity for qualified consultants to connect with more recyclers that might wish to take advantage of their valuable services to aid in becoming certified.

All Qualified e-Stewards Consultants will be able to maintain their own page on the e-Stewards website, and be listed on our registry and have access to the e-Stewards logo, and receive a certificate showing they successfully completed the necessary requirements.

Review the steps below to start the process:

  1. Review criteria.
  2. Submit application.
  3. Candidate review.
  4. Licensing process.
  5. Certificate issuance.

Any individual consultant interested in being listed on the Consultant Registry Program must provide the required information, to be vetted by the e-Stewards administrators. Consultants shall pay a one time $250 registration fee.

All applicant consultants for the Registry must meet the following criteria, and provide documents as applicable.

  • Have a current certification of attainment as an ISO 14001 auditor
  • Have a current certification of attainment as an e-Stewards lead auditor
  • Have assisted an e-Stewards Organization to achieve e-Stewards certification
  • Provide a reference from a recycler who you provided consulting services to
  • Consultant shall remain updated on e-Stewards program
  • Consultants are registered as individuals, not consultant organizations
  • Consultants may not also serve as a recycler’s Certifying Body auditor while consulting the same recycler

If you are a consultant meeting the above criteria and wish to be listed on the e-Stewards Qualified Consultant Registry Program, please click here and fill out and submit the Consultant Registry Application Form, along with your payment of the one time registration fee. Once your application is approved, a license agreement will be executed, you will receive an official certificate for completion of the application process – and then – you will be listed on the e-Stewards Consultant Registry!

Contact Prema George at for any questions about the e-Stewards Qualified Consultant Registry Program. To sign up for the current e-Stewards Lead Auditor Course, click here.

Get noticed: join the e-Stewards Consultant Registry Program.