Sanctioned Interpretations

The e-Stewards Standard is a living document and is updated as needed with relevant information to reflect changing best practices and industry norms. Between publications of full revisions of the standard, formal changes are published as needed to update or clarify the standard. These formal changes are called Sanctioned Interpretations (SI). All organizations seeking certification must meet requirements of both the current e-Stewards Standard and the current e-Stewards Sanctioned Interpretations of that standard.

Public comment period for Draft Sanctioned Interpretations: When a new draft of Sanctioned Interpretations is being considered, language may be drafted by the e-Stewards Technical Committee, or by the e-Stewards program administrator (BAN) as appropriate. Draft Sanctioned Interpretations (FDSI) are made available on the website for 30 days in order to seek input from the public, certified e-Stewards Recyclers, those contracted e-Stewards certification from certifying and accreditation bodies.

Most Recently Adopted Sanctioned Interpretations: On February 22, 2022 the first set of Sanctioned Interpretations were adopted following the 30-day comment period and immediately became effective as Version 4.1 of the Standard for those wishing to become newly certified. However, Version 4.0 is still in effect for all existing Certified e-Stewards. Here is the transition plan to seamlessly allow existing e-Stewards, CBs and Accreditation Bodies to take the steps to implement the new Version 4.1. To view these changes in isolation, please find the documents below.

Pending Sanctioned Interpretations, 2023: