Why Choose e-Stewards?

Our certified recyclers adhere to the strict requirements of the e-Stewards Standard, and when you choose e-Stewards certified recyclers, you will:

Secure Your DataYour equipment’s memory devices will be wiped clean of data or physically destroyed according to the strictest industry standards. But security also depends upon a disciplined chain-of-custody, inventory control, and record keeping. e-Stewards recyclers are audited for their performance in their end-to-end security processes and procedures.
Demonstrate SustainabilityMany of us have heard about a “carbon footprint." But there is a “toxics footprint” as well, which we all need to be concerned about. With our Environmental Benefits App, e-Stewards Enterprises can quantify the positive environmental benefits they perform when they use e-Stewards recyclers including their toxics and CO2 diversion. This becomes an important element of Corporate Social Responsibility reporting. e-Stewards recyclers follow the waste management hierarchy where re-use is maximized. What cannot be profitably or successfully reused is then recycled to recover metals and plastics to be used in remanufacturing. Use of landfills and incineration are severely restricted. Exports of hazardous electronics materials to developing countries is forbidden in accordance with international law. And workers are protected against toxic exposure.
Protect Against RiskYou do not need nor want to have your old electronics found dumped in a developing country nor have your data found and exploited by fraudsters. We strive to always make the e-Stewards Standard the most accountable and responsible recycling certification in the world. It will always be the standard that seeks to protect customers from data breach, non-compliance with relevant laws, and harm to the environment and human health.
Support Your BrandMedia attention on illicit recycling in developing countries has galvanized consumers—and employees—to appreciate organizations that manage their electronics responsibly. e-Stewards is the only electronics recycling certification with the endorsement of major environmental organizations such as Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).
Reduce CostsRigorous e-Stewards auditing can reduce a company’s vendor management burden by reducing the need for onsite audits and other forms of due diligence. e-Stewards are accountable not only for how electronics are managed within their own facilities, but also downstream to final disposition. Auditors employed by independent certifying bodies are thoroughly trained to evaluate recycler compliance with the e-Stewards Standard.
One Stop ResponsibilityThe e-Stewards Standard is designed to cover all issues of concern, from child labor, to fire prevention, to international law. By using an e-Stewards certified recycler, all your legal needs, local, national and international, are met, as well as ensuring principles of environmental and social justice are put into practice. It’s peace of mind for your brand, your community, and our planet. .

Do the right thing for the environment and the bottom line.