What’s the e-Stewards Standard?

The e-Stewards Standard was created by the environmental organization Basel Action Network in 2009. e-Stewards recyclers are certified through annual audits to the e-Stewards Standard. The e-Stewards Certification is supported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA notes that e-Stewards is a certification that “advances best management practices and offers a way to assess the environmental, worker health, and security practices of entities managing used electronics.”

The e-Stewards certification is available all over the world, is globally accredited, and independently audited by trained auditors. The e-Stewards Standard for electronics recyclers and asset managers requires:

Secure DataAll stored data from all devices must be destroyed
Best Recycling PracticesManaging toxic e-waste must be done in accordance with best available practices to protect workers and the environment
Responsible Downstream Management of All Toxic Materialse-Stewards recyclers must track all toxic materials downstream of their facilities, account for them, and ensure proper management
Ethical labor No child, coerced, or prison labor is permitted
Legal and Responsible ExportsExports of toxic e-waste to developing countries are not allowed in accordance with international law (Basel Convention)
Corporate-wide Conformitye-Stewards requires that all of the facilities and operations in each country belonging to a company are covered under the certification

You can demonstrate your commitment to environmental safety and social justice when you use certified e-Stewards recyclers. The best way to support the e-Stewards program is by becoming an e-Stewards Enterprise.