Digital Equity Partners

  • Enterprise Partner: any business equipment donor
  • e-Stewards Certified refurbisher/recycler: any certified refurbisher/recycler providing services for a city-run Digital Equity program.
  • City or Local Government Partner: promoting digital literacy and Internet access programs in the community via the e-Stewards Digital Equity program
  • Service Partner: any organization or company offering related services via the e-Stewards Digital Equity program

City/Government Partners

  • City of Seattle
  • City and County of San Francisco
  • City of Kansas

Enterprise Partners

  • Old National Bank
  • University of Phoenix
  • Mobile Citizen
  • PDC (Peoria Disposal Company)
  • American Family Insurance

e-Steward Certified Recycler/Refurbisher Partners

  • Apto Solutions
  • Blue Star Recylers
  • Capitol Asset Recovery, Inc.
  • Cascade Asset Management
  • Comprenew
  • Electronic Recyclers International
  • EPC, Inc.
  • Friendly Earth
  • Global eWaste Solutions, Inc.
  • Kuusakoski US, LLC
  • Sage Sustainable Electronics, LLC
  • Surplus Exchange

Service Partners

  • National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA)
  • Everyoneon
  • ConnectHome
  • Technology for the Future