ADVANCE+ Workforce Inclusion

ADVANCE+ is a new e-Stewards initiative focused on providing jobs for individuals with autism and other disabilities while creating bottom line benefits for Certified e-Stewards. We have partnered with longstanding community experts at Blue Star Recyclers to develop this program, and received funding to help offset the cost of training selected e-Stewards. Onsite training by nationally recognized expert James Emmett & Company covers staff training, employee sourcing, and internal/external messaging.



The ADVANCE+ workforce inclusion training program is designed to help your business source and retain loyal, productive, and safe workers with disabilities. During this period of unprecedented challenges related to labor force management, there is a workforce waiting in the wings with proven aptitudes, affinity, and abilities tied specifically to the scopes of work performed in our industry. ADVANCE+ will help you learn how to tap and leverage this outstanding resource. The employment model used for this program tracked occupational data since 2010 and discovered people with disabilities to be highly reliable, productive, loyal, and safe.

ROI, CSR, and ESG Impact

ADVANCE+ participant employers can track and promote significant social and economic impact directly produced through the employment and inclusion of people with disabilities. First, the return on investment (ROI) you’ll make is designed to cover all costs within the first year. Second, you will be creating opportunities for meaningful employment for people with disabilities, which directly triggers taxpayer savings and other measurable social impact – which you can include in your CSR and ESG reporting. This will help attract and retain customers who seek vendors who produce more than environmental impact.

We are proud to acknowledge the e-Stewards Certified recycler facilities below that have successfully completed the ADVANCE+ training program, enabling their companies to hire excellent autistic and disabled employees and thus contribute to a more inclusive workforce:

Apto Solutions, Inc. – Atlanta, GA
Ingram Micro Services, LLC – Indianapolis, IN
Kuusakoski US LLC – Plainfield, IL
Liquid Technology, Inc. – Bensenville, IL
Sipi Asset Recovery -Elk Grove Village, IL
Sipi Asset Recovery – Hayward, CA
Cascade Asset Management, LLC – Indianapolis, IN
Sage Sustainable Electronics LLC -Columbus, OH
Sage Sustainable Electronics LLC – Reno, NV

How To:

1) Application
Beginning April 1, 2022, certified e-cyclers can apply to participate in the ADVANCE+ workforce inclusion training program. The cost of this program is $15,000, and the first five to complete training are eligible to receive a $5,000 rebate made possible from the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation.

2) Selection
If you are chosen to participate in the Class of 2022, you will be contacted by our Social Impact Chair, who will schedule your visit to Blue Star Recyclers and connect you to James Emmett and Company, who will perform your initial assessment and go over the training program fees, terms, and available rebates.

Learn More

Email Prema George or call the e-Stewards office at (206) 436-8595 with any questions. You can also reach out to Bill Morris of Blue Star Recyclers, or call their office at (719) 494-4436.