Libby Chaplin – V3

Libby Chaplin – V3

Since launching her company Arcadian Solutions in 1999, Ms Chaplin has focused on assisting clients to establish effective management systems. Her approach emphasizes facilitated collaboration and supported implementation in order to achieve lasting outcomes. Ms Chaplin is the primary instructional designer and trainer for the Basel Action Network for all of the e-Stewards training. In addition, has provides system implementation and internal audit support for ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and e-Stewards systems. Chaplin has researched best practices in e-waste standards for the International Sustainable Development Foundation, and is a member of the EPEAT Product Verification Committee, responsible for oversight of verification rounds for the 1680 series of standards. She has extensive experience implementing systems with small and large recyclers in the US and internationally.

Contact Information

Areas of Specialty

  • Collaborative Design
  • Documentation
  • e-Stewards Version 2
  • e-Stewards Version 3
  • International Systems
  • Languages: English
  • Policy Development
  • Standard Development
  • Translator Support

Services Offered

  • e-Stewards Consultant
  • EMS Internal Auditor
  • Trainer

Geographic Limitations

  • None