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In My Opinion: Environmental justice is a global issue

Recently, avid readers of recycling trade journals likely noticed that the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) made a position statement embracing environmental justice (EJ). Some of us had to read the headline twice. An electronics recycler texted me and asked, “So are they the good guys now?”

ITAD firms weigh in on bank’s $60M data mismanagement fine

The U.S. Treasury Department has issued a major fine to Morgan Stanley for improper management of drives. Executives in the electronics recovery sector say the case reaffirms the warnings they have been giving to corporate partners for years.

Morgan Stanley faces lawsuits from ITAD data mishap

Financial institution Morgan Stanley recently told customers an ITAD vendor’s mistakes may have left personal information susceptible to misuse. Multiple clients have filed suit against the investment firm.

Morgan Stanley on July 10 wrote to clients disclosing “potential data security incidents” related to their personal information. The incidents occurred during multiple ITAD processes over the past four years, according to the letter.

BAN offers update on its EarthEye tracking program

Samsung is deploying 40 GPS trackers a year to follow the downstream movement of scrap electronics. Processors, including Kuusakoski, have used the devices to track the movement of recovered commodities. The Basel Action Network estimates that since the EarthEye program started over a dozen customers have used the trackers. | Aunging/Shutterstock.

e-Stewards Publishes Latest Version (V4.0) of its Ethical Electronics Reuse and Recycling Standard

Seattle, WA, USA. 26 February 2020. The e-Stewards® Certification Program launched the 4th Version of its Ethical Electronics Recycling and Refurbishment Standard this week. The new, more streamlined version of the Standard has been under development by a special drafting committee since the summer of 2018. In the last few months it underwent two lengthy open stakeholder comment periods which ended a month ago according to schedule.

Wisetek to Extend their e-Stewards Electronics Recycling Certification to UK, Ireland and Thailand

Cork, Ireland. January 28, 2020. Wisetek, a leading global Information technology asset disposition (ITAD), reuse and manufacturing service, and e-Stewards® have reached an agreement to extend their American e-Stewards Certifications to all of Wisetek’s facilities worldwide within two years. The four additional facilities to be added in that time frame will be in Cork, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Reading, UK; and Amphur Sriracha, Thailand.

Right-to-repair advocates make their case in one statehouse

Electronics repair stakeholders clashed over right-to-repair legislation in Washington state this week, as a number of state legislatures begin taking up similar bills. In Olympia, Wash., right-to-repair proponents and opponents testified during a Jan. 21 hearing in front of the Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee. | jfergusonphotos/Shutterstock

Participants in e-Stewards Disability Employment Program Announced

Today, e-Stewards® announced the 2020 class of e-Stewards Certified Recyclers participating in their new ADVANCE+ program. ADVANCE+ is a workforce development program created to employ people with autism and other disabilities. It is being piloted under the expert management of the James Emmett and Company, a consultancy at the forefront of fostering employment for under-employed disabled individuals. The ADVANCE+ program is designed to help e-Stewards solve critical business labor problems while helping their communities solve a critical and growing social issue.

e-Stewards Announces Early Bird Certification Special for New Standard

Today, e-Stewards®, the ethical electronics recycling certification program, announced a one-time new Early Bird Special opportunity for recyclers not yet certified to e-Stewards to become certified to the latest e-Stewards Version 4.0. New recyclers must take advantage of this offer by November 20, 2019, and commit to having their first facility certified to Version 4.0 within 6 months of the Standard release date slated for February 25, 2020.