e-Stewards Certified Facility, e-Cycle, Sees 300% Increase in Demand for Secure Asset Disposition


A Growing Demand for Security

The demand for secure data and device disposition is growing. e-Cycle Founder and CEO, Christopher Irion, has announced they’ll be expanding their operations due to the increased demand from people wanting to securely sell their devices. With Apple’s recent launch of their latest products, e-Cycle has seen an influx of quotes of 300% . And now e-Cycle is extending to individuals the same rigorous data security standards they originally only offered corporate clients.

Safely securing data on devices after their usability and/or desirability have expired is a concern for many companies and individuals selling their phones and other smart technology. “Where does my data go? Who has access to my information?” are some of the questions people may be asking themselves when they research companies to do business with. e-Cycle has the answers.

Safeguarding with e-Stewards Certification

As a certified e-Stewards e-cycler, e-Cycle follows the strictest guidelines in safeguarding data for phones and smart devices that are reusable, and the safest, most responsible standard in recycling electronics that are not. A few of the e-Standard guidelines for data security and device re-use are:

  • When data security services are offered, conformance with the NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization, address additional hard drive imperfections, and provide customers with written agreements regarding services provided and customer indemnity
  • Clear requirements for legitimate re-use and refurbishment

e-Cycle e-Stewards certified

Apple’s new products have increased e-Cycle’s influx of quotes 300%, image ©Brion VIBBER

According to e-Cycle’s website a, “large percentage of mobile devices that arrive at the e-Cycle facility still contain sensitive data, even after they were reported to be wiped prior to shipping.” e-Cycle’s data security department reports that of the devices they see come through their facility:

  • 2% have active phone lines – resulting in dangerous security risks and unnecessary carrier charges
  • 55% of devices have SIM cards that contain sensitive information
  • 1 in 5 devices have SD memory cards with access to private

Be Safe, Ethical and Responsible with the e-Stewards Standard

By using an e-Stewards certified facility, such as e-Cycle, for asset disposition, individuals and entities are assured their data is secure and that their devices will be recycled safely, ethically and responsibly.