Samsung Honored by CEA as Leader in e-Waste Recycling


samsung_logoLeading the way by example is one of the e-Stewards program’s first manufacturer Enterprises, Samsung. Yesterday, the South Korea-based electronics manufacturer was honored with the first-ever eCycling Leadership Award from the Consumer Electronics Association.

The CEA, whose mission is to grow the technology industry, awarded its inaugural honor to Samsung. Samsung collected over 92.5 million pounds of e-waste in 2012. Their goal for 2013 is 95 million pounds.

In 2008, Samsung committed to only using e-Stewards certified recyclers. e-Stewards recyclers promise to adhere to the e-Stewards standard, which includes, but is not limited to:


  • Strict control of exportation of hazardous electronic wastes, in conformance with the Amendment to the Basel Convention and other existing laws. Exporting of hazardous e-waste from developed to developing countries is not permitted.
  • Safe on-site handling of hazardous e-waste and other problematic components and materials, such as no shredding of mercury.
  • Full accountability for the entire downstream recycling chain for the toxic materials to final disposition.
  • Clear requirements for legitimate re-use and refurbishment.
  • Restrictions on disposal options for toxic materials and prohibition on use of prison and child labor.

The e-Stewards Enterprise program shields entities from the significant threats presented by generating e-waste: pollution, data loss, and brand damage. We want to thank Samsung for being a true e-Stewards leader, and we encourage all entities to follow in their footsteps.

Find out how your organization can become an e-Stewards Enterprise and help solve the growing e-waste crisis.