Iron Mountain Joins the Growing List of e-Stewards Enterprises


iron-mountain-logoe-Stewards would like to congratulate Iron Mountain on becoming an e-Stewards enterprise. As an e-Stewards enterprise, Iron Mountain, which specializes in information management and Secure IT Asset Disposition, commits to using e-Stewards Certified Recyclers.


Certified e-Stewards electronics recyclers, or e-cyclers, follow stringent environmental and humanitarian guidelines, as well comply with international laws when recycling e-waste. They follow the e-Stewards standard which ensures that:

  • End-of-life and broken electronics are safely, responsibly and ethically recycled.
  • The safety and privacy of sensitive information is maintained when data security services are offered.

e-Stewards enterprises commit to using e-Stewards e-cyclers when possible. Iron Mountain has commited to only using e-Stewards e-cyclers. Iron Mountain, which has locations around the globe, will also pick up assets, secure data on devices, and then deliver them to a certified e-Stewards e-cycler.

Discover the benefits of using a certified e-Stewards e-cycler and where to find one.