EarthEye Program

EarthEye™ is the product of ten years of development by Basel Action Network (BAN). BAN is a non-governmental organization with over 35 years of international experience, researching, investigating, and advocating for protecting human rights and the environment from the impacts of hazardous wastes. BAN has already conducted the world’s largest e-waste tracking studies that have encompassed the continents of Europe, North America and, on behalf of the United Nations, the Asia-Pacific Region. It is with this background that EarthEye has been created and designed as an integrated, user-friendly, system capable of reliably monitoring the international e-waste industry.


Digital Equity Program

In 2017, e-Stewards® announced a new program to help overcome the digital divide and provide computers and internet access to low-income communities, The e-Stewards Digital Equity program is designed to combine the forces of cities, enterprise companies and e-Stewards Certified Refurbisher/Recycler to help solve the problem of digital disadvantage.

This program, which will be officially launched on January 1, 2018, promotes ethical refurbishment for digital inclusion across North America. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us now about becoming a partner.