Jim Puckett Featured in E-Scrap Op-Ed

In an op-ed in the latest E-Scrap News, Jim Puckett, Executive Director of the Basel Action Network (BAN), lays out the facts and fibs of illegal e-waste dumping in developing countries.


Jim Puckett knows the e-waste issue is real. He’s seen the e-waste dumps firsthand in a once-pristine wetland in Ghana and smelled the acrid smoke of burning wires in a small town in China. These places are real. The people who live there, who suffer there, are real. The problem is real. So why is there still so much denial?

Puckett writes, “If we do some more back-of-the-envelope math calculating cost avoidance via externalities, as well as strict commodity profit, we realize that in the course of the last decade, many billions of dollars have been made via the global dumping trade.”

Puckett goes on to dissect three studies supporters say uphold the theory that e-waste exportation is a hoax.

Read the rest of the op-ed at Resource Recycling.


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