Just Released: “The Story of Broke” by Annie Leonard

Image from The Story of BrokeFilmmaker, author, and e-Stewards/BAN champion Annie Leonard explains how polluter subsidies are crippling the US economy in her new, short, and very engaging animated film The Story of Broke.

Writes Annie in her blog accompanying the film, “It’s high time we gave a leg up to the kinds of cleaner, healthier industries we need for the century ahead. Its time we put our money behind businesses that will help build a better future. Then, finally, we’ll see all these fabulous solutions move off the drawing board and into the world.”

The Story of Broke is part of Annie’s groundbreaking non-profit The Story of Stuff Project. We love everything Annie is doing with The Story of Stuff Project, and are particularly enamored with her The Story of Electronics animated short, released last year. If you like, please share it.