Happy Valentine’s Day, Sony. We feel the love!


It’s always a good thing when the biggest kid on the playground makes friends with you. And that’s what e-Stewards is likely feeling right about now. Sony, that big electronics manufacturer you might have heard of, just signed on to be e-Steward certified, and did so with high praise about the certifying organization. It’s a Valentine’s tale of match-making we’d like to revel in today.

Light shines brighter in the darkness

It’s no surprise that the world is facing some dark days, but I mention this merely to show how amazing things like Sony’s recent decision is. While e-waste is a scourge on our planet, it is equally true that good people everywhere are taking up the charge to help this world recover from the damage that’s been done. And when a globally visible corporation throws its hat in with those good people, the light of hope shines even brighter.

One of the good people bringing light to this dark place is Jim Puckett, founder of the Basel Action Network (BAN). His relentless work in exposing the gaps in global methods for dealing with e-waste and massive toxic dumping that occurs around the world, has brought the message of e-waste to public attention. And it’s because of his watchdogging, most likely, that Sony saw the good in being responsible with its e-waste.

e-Stewards and the good fight

BAN is an organization founded on the principles of the Basel Convention, which was first established in 1992. Jim Puckett saw the value in establishing a clear definition of the electronic waste our world produces, so he established the Basel Action Network to help keep the Basel Convention intent true. His love for our planet and the countries that often get dumped on by our progress has led him to create a number of systems and institutions to specifically handle the byproducts of industrialization.

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