Getting Better All the Time: e-Stewards Standard v. 2.0 Released

On November 1, 2013, e-Stewards launched its new version of the electronic waste recycling standard businesses and environmental groups have stood behind for years—the e-Stewards Standard.

Wells Fargo, Staples, Bank of America, and Alcoa and environmental groups Greenpeace, and the Natural Resources Defense Council all strongly endorse using certified e-Stewards recyclers to safely, securely and responsibly dispose of e-waste.

Some of the new Standard’s features include:

  • Greater level of emphasis on data security
  • Adoption of newly accepted Basel Convention standards for exports
  • Stronger downstream due-diligence requirements to ensure safe, secure and responsible e-waste recycling

Click the image below for e-Stewards’ official press release.

Find a certified e-Stewards recycler here.