e-Stewards – The Gold Standard of Electronics Recycling – Comes to Asia

Recom, Ltd., proudly announces successful completion of the rigorous audit process to become the first e-Stewards® certified recycler in Asia, in the Republic of Korea. e-Stewards is considered to be the international “gold standard” for the recycling and refurbishing of used electronics. e-Stewards certification confirms Recom’s commitment to environmentally safe handling of all hazardous e-waste.

Recom established the first dedicated e-waste recycling facility in South Korea in 1997. They have since become a leader in South Korea, promoting responsible e-waste management and recovery, working with government and companies such as IBM, LG, Samsung, and Korean Air.

A key part of Recom’s recycling facility includes a R&D center, which is used to evaluate incoming materials and determine optimal recovery options. This research has been conducted with the support of the Korean government. Recom has a clear goal to preserve environmental values and as such recognizes the importance of complying with international law, such as the Basel Convention and OECD agreements, to ensure responsible management of electronic waste.

“We’ve observed for a long time many recyclers of e-scrap shipping to China, but Recom hasn’t shipped to developing or undeveloped countries at all, because we know it causes serious environmental pollution,” said Hee Joon Kim, CEO of Recom. “e-Stewards is a highly influential environmental program, and exactly corresponds with our management policy for e-scrap. We are proud to be the first e-Stewards certified recycler in Asia.”

Despite laws and international treaties that ban the transport of electronic waste, or e-waste, to developing countries, this illicit trade continues to occur and devastate the environment in impoverished communities and nations across Africa and Asia. The e-Stewards Standard is the only electronics recycling certification that adheres to international laws and decisions regarding the shipment of hazardous e-waste to developing countries. It also bars child and coerced labor, and assures safe working conditions for laborers.

“e-Stewards welcomes its first Asian recycler. Recom has demonstrated the commitment to not only be technically proficient in electronics recycling, but recognizes that the social and environmental high-bar is even more important,” said Greg Swan, e-Stewards Director.

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