E-Cycle Washington Is Celebrating Its Fifth Anniversary

fifthyearE-Cycle Washington is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Started in January, 2009, E-Cycle Washington was created to uphold the Electronic Product Recycling Act passed in 2006. The Basel Action Network would like to congratulate E-Cycle Washington for its work as it’s “…ensured 200 million pounds of electronics did not end up in landfills.”

The standards developed for the E-Cycle Washington program were based in part on criteria from the e-Stewards’ original Pledge of True Stewardship standards created by the Basel Action Network. That Pledge grew into a third-party verifiable standard for responsible electronic waste, aka, e-waste, recycling. The e-Stewards Standard is the highest standard for e-waste recycling. It ensures:

  • toxins aren’t exported to developing countries
  • data is securely disposed of when applicable
  • prison labor isn’t used in the recycling process
  • recycling-factory workers are protected from e-waste toxins

The standard, now in its second, current version, covers far more than the above, and is the only standard that ensures the safe, responsible and ethical disposition of e-waste.