BAN’s Jim Pucket Receives International E-Recycling Award

bansmilingA giant congratulations to Jim Puckett of the Basel Action Network/e-Stewards! He is this year’s recipient of the Swiss Cowbell Award at the International Electronics Recycling Congress for “pioneering and breathless work to prevent the globalization of toxic waste, and dedication to contribute comprehensive strategies for proper treatment of e-waste across the globe.”

The IERC, held in Salzburg, Austria, drew more than 500 experts from the electronics recycling industry, academia, governmental authorities and NGOs. Presentations at the world congress included a round-table discussion with industry leaders entitled “Free trade versus fair trade;” how electronics manufacturing companies close the recycling loop; worldwide take-back schemes and challenges for OEMs; economies of scale in e-waste recycling and future challenges; e-scrap recycling standards, compliance and controls; recycling e-waste containing hazardous elements; theft of materials and illegal exports; collection and logistics challenges; best available recycling technologies; and strategic metals recycling (including platinum group metals and rare earths).