Suspended Withdrawn Revoked

Only currently certified e-Stewards recyclers appear on the Find a Recycler map and the list of certified sites.  A quick means to learn about changes to the status of a company’s e-Stewards certification can be found in the Change in Certification Status List.  This lists e-Stewards companies whose certifications have been suspended, voluntarily withdrawn, or revoked since 2015.  To download the pdf file of the Change in Certification Status List click here.

The definition of each status:

  • Suspended: This status indicates the company has been issued a non-conformity by its certification body (CB) that has not been resolved in a timely manner. Typically, the CB gives the company a set period of time to correct the outstanding issue. If the non-conformity is corrected, the suspension is lifted; if not, a temporary suspension can result in having a certificate revoked.
  • Withdrawn: This status indicates a company is no longer certified because it has voluntarily removed itself from the program.
  • Revoked: This status indicates the company’s certificate was rescinded by their certification body for any reason. Reasons can include, but are not limited to:
    • A suspension is not resolved by a deadline; and/or
    • The e-Stewards program administrator has revoked the license of a company due to a final determination resulting from a Critical Non-Conformity (CNC) Policy process. Typically, CNC determinations result in revoking the certificate for a designated period of time. After the time period has expired, the company has the option to start the certification process again from the beginning. To read more about the CNC Policy click here.