e-Stewards Committed

e-Stewards has created a new designation – e-Stewards Committed – to brand company facilities that are on a strict path towards e-Stewards Certification. This designation is only available to fully owned facilities of an e-Stewards Processor in another country. It is expected to help global organizations better identify certified partners that are dedicated to responsible recycling. It will also encourage e-Stewards Certified Recyclers to expand their certification to other countries.

e-Stewards Committed facilities have not been audited by an independent, third-party auditor and are therefore not e-Stewards Certified at any time.

Ground Rules

  1. e-Stewards Processor has to be e-Stewards Certified in one country at all times;
  2. e-Stewards Processor mentors fully owned facilities in other countries towards e-Stewards certification;
  3. e-Stewards Committed facilities seek to maintain e-Stewards compliance at all times and the e-Stewards Processor will disclose to the e-Stewards Administrator details about non-compliances, including a timeline when the non-compliance will be remedied. e-Stewards has the right to publish the non-compliance and timeline on its website;
  4. e-Stewards Processor performs internal audits to ensure e-Stewards conformance at all times for the e-Stewards Committed facilities;
  5. e-Stewards Processor or e-Stewards Committed facility has a contract with a CB for the auditing of the e-Stewards Committed facilities to show that the e-Stewards Processor is moving towards e-Stewards certification of the e-Stewards Committed facilities:
  6. e-Stewards Processor agrees to participate in the e-Stewards Performance Verification Program (GPS tracking and PV inspections) for each of the e-Stewards Committed facilities;
  7. Each e-Stewards Committed facility must be e-Stewards Certified within 2 years of the specific facility first declaring itself as e-Stewards Committed; and
  8. e-Stewards Processor shall have a link to these ground rules for all e-Stewards Committed facilities on its website. Licensee shall ensure that there is no confusion between e-Stewards Certified and e-Stewards Committed facilities.

Failure to comply with the e-Stewards Standard and the Ground Rules by the e-Stewards Processor or the e-Stewards Committed facility will result in the following:

  1. Licensee will provide Licensor with a detailed corrective action report documenting how Licensee will remedy its non-conformance and prevent future non-conformances.
  2. In case a non-conformity appears to amount to a Critical Non-Conformity (CNC), the e-Stewards CNC Policy applies and e-Stewards has the right to intervene under the CNC Policy. e-Stewards reserves its rights to revoke all of e-Stewards Processor’s e-Stewards Certifications under the CNC Policy if the non-conformity amounts to a Critical Non-Conformity.

e-Stewards Committed Facilities

Ingram Micro Services LLC: 

40 Changi North Crescent, Changi, Singapore 499639
+65 6298 0888
Processing Facility

223 Jinyuan Road, Jiading, Shanghai, China
+86 21 57391293
Processing Facility

7451 Nelson Rd, Richmond, BC V6W 1L7, Canada
+1 604 276 8357
Processing Facility

Gesworenhoekseweg 11, 5047 TM Tilburg, Netherlands
+31 416 674 111
Processing Facility

Av. del Cerro del Águila, 3, 28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain
+34 916 58 77 76
Processing Facility