Policies & Procedures

To ensure certified recyclers remain in conformity with the e-Stewards Standard and in good standing in the e-Stewards certification program, there are additional policies and guidelines of note.

Critical Non-Conformity Policy

A Critical Non-Conformity is a category of very serious standard violations. These might be identified outside of the normal set of management system non-conformities dealt with by e-Stewards certifying bodies. This category involves an investigation by the e-Stewards program administrator and should the findings prove of sufficient concern to warrant being classified as a Critical Non-conformity, recyclers may be suspended, or have their certification withheld, or withdrawn. Please read the full e-Stewards Critical Non-Conformity Policy here.

Website Listing Policy

Once a recycler has their first location certified they are eligible to be added to the e-Stewards website as a certified recycler. Additional locations, under same ownership, and within the same country where the first location is certified, will be listed as “in-process” and must be certified within 18 months. See full policy here.