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Sanctioned Interpretations Version 3.1

30-Day Comment period is underway

Since the publication of the e-Stewards Standard Version 3.0, we found multiple sections that need clarification, corrections, and changes in response to multiple requests from certified e-Stewards and other stakeholders.

The publication of this FINAL DRAFT SI begins a 30-day comment period and reflects multiple changes to the e-Stewards Standard Version 3.0. To see an overview of all of the sections that have an SI, see Appendix D, at the end of the FINAL DRAFT S,I. The deadline for comments is July 20, 2018, midnight Pacific Time.

The FINAL DRAFT Sanctioned Interpretations V3.1 pdf is available for public review and comment. Please click here to access the document and the electronic comment form.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Reminder: January 1st All Audits Must Be to V3

As of January 1, 2018, all audits to the e-Stewards Standard must be to Version 3.0. Please keep in mind, e-Stewards 2.0 and ISO 14001: 2004 will both no longer be valid as of September 15, 2018. All audits conducted in the new year will need to review a minimum of 3 months of documentation to V3. To review the V2 to V3 transition plan, which is published on the e-Stewards website click here. Please contact Mandy at if you have any questions about V3 or the transition process.

Annual Database Report Due by January 31, 2018

All certified e-Stewards are required to submit the 2017 calendar year Annual Database report for each processing facility by January 31, 2018. Also, to allow us to easily aggregate the data efficiently, it is required to use the template found in the Standard. For V2.0, see Sanctioned Interpretation, Section, and in V3, see Section 9.1.8. To access the template click here.

Netherlands No Longer Allows Imports of CRT Glass for Production of Concrete

There is a policy change in the Netherlands that affects U.S. exports of processed CRT glass sent for recycling. The competent authority for the Netherlands recently informed the EPA that use of processed CRT glass for the production of concrete is no longer allowed under their new waste policy plan (LAP3), which takes effect December 28, 2017. As a result, the Netherlands will not accept imports of processed CRT glass used for this purpose and are withdrawing all consents of notifications to export CRT glass to A. Jansen B.V. Once the Dutch authorities withdraw their consents, all disallowed CRT glass shipments that arrive at the Jansen facility, will be returned to the site of the exporter.

Revised Requirements for Transitioning from V2 to V3 e-Stewards Standard

The Revised e-Stewards Transition Requirements were published and effective on August 9, 2017, redefining the requirements for recyclers, refurbishers, certification bodies, and the accreditation body when transitioning from Version 2 to Version 3 of the e-Stewards Standard. Both Version 2 of the e-Stewards Standard and the ISO 14001:2004 Standard (and certificates to them) become invalid on September 15, 2018. In order to transition to V3, work must begin far in advance of this deadline to implement and document the new V3 requirements in the management system, schedule and conduct audits with ample time to close out nonconformities, and issue V3 certificates prior to the September 2018 deadline. All interested parties are encouraged to prioritize this transition as soon as possible to avoid additional audits or invalid certificates.

The primary purposes of the revised transition requirements are to:

a) Give both certification bodies (CBs) and recyclers/refurbishers more time to prepare for V3 audits;

b) Allow ANAB’s new ‘Declaration for Transition’ of accreditation for e-Stewards CBs, in order to make the transition workable for CBs while retaining adequate rigor in the process; and

c) Better clarify requirements for CBs as they transition their own internal programs and their clients to V3.

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Don’t Be Left Out of a Promotional Opportunity

Some certified e-Stewards companies have not taken advantage of having a personalized page on the e-Stewards website to promote your business. These pages are accessed by clicking on company names, which are found on the List of Recyclers page. All companies with a personalized page are added to a monthly rotation schedule, and each month ten companies are rotated onto the e-Stewards Enterprise page called, Meet the Recyclers. If you still need a personalized page on the e-Stewards website, please notify us at, and send us the following: your company description (120 words or less); a high resolution photo (at least 300 dpi); and your company logo (file types: eps, png, gif, jpg or zip). To see this month’s Meet the Recyclers click here. Don’t miss out on this free marketing opportunity!