Sanctioned Interpretations

Between publications of full revisions of the standard formal changes are published as needed to update or clarify the standard. These formal changes are called Sanctioned Interpretations (SIs). All organizations seeking certification must meet requirements of both the current e-Stewards Standard and the current e-Stewards Sanctions Interpretations of that standard.

Sanctioned Interpretations to Version 3 are integrated into the updated V3.0 Series Standards, which are subsequently renumbered (Version 3.1, 3.2, etc.) to reflect the addition of each new set of SIs. Click here to access the citation list of Sanctioned Interpretations (if any). New updated versions of V3 will be made available at no cost to original purchasers of earlier iterations of Version 3.

Public comments on Final Draft Sanctioned Interpretations: When new draft Sanctioned Interpretations are being considered, language may be drafted by the e-Stewards Technical Committee, or by any other committee created for this purpose by the Leadership Council, or by the e-Stewards program manager, as appropriate. Subsequently, each Final Draft Sanctioned Interpretation (FDSI) is made available on this website for 30 days after publication of the draft, seeking input from the public, certified e-Stewards Recyclers, those contracted for certification, and e-Stewards certification and accreditation bodies. Current Final Draft Sanctioned Interpretations for V3 open for public comments, if any, may be found by clicking here, along with instructions for submitting formal comments by the deadline.