About the Standard

The e-Stewards® Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment©  is a comprehensive set of performance requirements created specifically for the electronics recycling and asset recovery industries, and other processors, set into the framework of the global environmental management system standard known as ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 is fully integrated into the e-Stewards Standard, resulting in dual certification to both ISO 14001 and the e-Stewards Standard in one audit process. Version 2 of the e-Stewards Standard contains ISO 14001:2004, while Version 3 contains ISO 14001:2015.

The standard is the basis for the accredited e-Stewards certification program and was developed in a multi-stakeholder process with experts and leaders in related fields.

Written for international use, the e-Stewards Standard is consistent with:

  • international waste trade laws (Basel Convention and OECD treaties)
  • data privacy requirements of customers
  • environmental and health & safety management system norms
  • occupational health & safety best practice
  • social accountability values

Versions of the Standard

The e-Stewards Standard is a living document and is updated as needed with relevant information to reflect changing best practices and industry norms. Since its inception in 2009, the standard has undergone two full revisions:  Version 2.0 published November 1, 2013, and Version 3.0 published March 15, 2017. To see an overview of the differences between V2 and V3 click here.

To access V3 of the standard click here.

NOTE: Until September 15, 2018, there are two versions of the e-Stewards Standard in play, allowing certified recyclers and refurbishers time to transition to the latest version (3.0).  Until then, certifications to both versions are valid. After September 15, 2018, only certifications to Version 3 are valid, while Version 2 of the Standard and certification to it will be obsolete. For more information about transitioning from Version 2 to Version 3, click here.

Sanctioned Interpretations

Between publications of full revisions of the standard, formal changes are published as needed to update or clarify the standard.  These formal changes are called Sanctioned Interpretations (SI).  All organizations seeking certification must meet requirements of both the current e-Stewards Standard and the current e-Stewards Sanctioned Interpretations of that standard.

Sanctioned Interpretations to Version 2.0 are found in a separate document, This document compiles all SIs to date, and supersedes previous SIs and pertinent clauses in the standard itself. V2 SIs are only available upon request until September 15, 2018.

Sanctioned Interpretations to Version 3.0 are integrated into the official updated standard, which is subsequently renumbered (Version 3.1, 3.2, etc.) to reflect the addition of SIs in the document.  New updates to Version 3 of the standard are sent at no cost to original purchasers of an earlier iteration of Version 3, and the citation list of Sanctioned Interpretations will be available on the e-Stewards website, as well as in the renumbered versions. Click here to access the citation list of Sanctioned Interpretations.