Overview of Public Commenting Process for DRAFT e-Stewards® Standard Version 3.0

Thank you for providing comments on the Final Draft of the e-Stewards Standard V 3.0. The following are important parameters:

  • Deadline for all input: February 20th, 2017 by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (just before midnight). Submit input online by clicking on the ‘Submit final comments’ button at the end of the form containing the draft standard and comment boxes. The submitter will receive an email confirming receipt of the comments.
  • 1 company / 1 submission: Only one input form per company/agency will be accepted.
  • Multiple sessions: As long as you submit your input by the Feb 20th deadline, you may provide comments on the standard in multiple sessions, saving your work to return and complete later. Every page has a ‘Save & Exit to Finish Commenting Later’ option.
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA): Because the e-Stewards Standard contains the licensed ISO 14001:2015 content, each company/agency/individual wishing to provide input must first sign an NDA that is verified. Once approved, look for an email notifying the signatory of access to the draft standard.

Steps in the process:

Step 1:  Have the primary responsible party at your company or agency fill out, sign, and submit the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), agreeing to protect the ISO 14001 and e-Stewards content.

Step 2: Receive the signed and executed NDA back from the Basel Action Network via email, along with notification of access to the form containing the draft standard (in multiple sections) and corresponding comment boxes.

Step 3:  Access the comment form, read instructions for use at the top of the form, and submit comments on any section(s) of the standard you wish.   You may provide comments in multiple sessions, saving your work in order to complete it later, as long as you submit your input by the Feb 20th deadline.

Step 4: Once all your comments have been written in the appropriate comment boxes, click on ‘Submit final comments’ button to submit your comments on the Final Draft e-Stewards Standard V 3.0.  Look for an immediate online acknowledgement of receipt of your comments.

Step 5: Receive an additional email, via the email address provided confirming that your comments have been received prior to the deadline.

NOTE: If you experience any difficulties, please contact angelo@ban.org