Revision of DRAFT e-Stewards® Standard Version 3.0

Welcome. Every 3 – 5 years, the e-Stewards Standard for Electronics Recycling and Reuse is revised. It is currently in the process of being revised for the 3rd time since its inception in 2009, and your input, as a customer seeking responsible recycling and refurbishment services, is very important to ensure this standard serves your needs. Please provide written comments on as much or as little of the Final Draft e-Stewards Standard Version 3.0 as you wish, to help ensure the standard addresses your needs regarding data protection, worker health & safety, hazardous waste dumping, downstream accountability, export, and more.

The Final Draft e-Stewards Standard V 3.0 is now available under a non-disclosure agreement (due to the licensed content of the ISO 14001 management system standard imbedded in it) for a four-week public comment period, which closes on Feb 16th.

To access instructions for providing input please click here.