ADVANCE+ Workforce Development

ADVANCE+ is a new e-Stewards initiative focused on providing jobs for individuals with autism and other disabilities while creating bottom line benefits for Certified e-Stewards. We have partnered with longstanding community experts at Blue Star Recyclers to develop this program, and received funding to help offset the cost of training selected e-Stewards. Onsite training by nationally recognized expert James Emmett & Company covers staff training, employee sourcing, and internal/external messaging.

e-Stewards taking part in the ADVANCE+ program will gain a loyal, productive workforce. Pilot programs have shown increases in productivity and decreases in turnover and absenteeism. Companies also gain a new marketing tool and can qualify for tax incentives.


The autistic workforce is loyal. Turnover is a rare problem with the autistic worker. They like to work and want to be at work. Pilot programs have proven that individuals with autism are especially well-suited to work in the recycling industry, which depends on order and repetition. A study by University of Colorado found that autistic workers were productive over 98% of their time on clock. The typical hourly worker is averages less than 60%.

A Great Marketing Story

ADVANCE+ participants will gain a great story to tell. Your marketing efforts can appeal to IT, Sustainability, and CSR offices, not to mention local government and numerous large corporations that value workforce development programs.

How Does it Work?

1) Application
Beginning November 5, 2019 e-Stewards can apply for the ADVANCE+ scholarship*. We have funding to train 10 e-Stewards in 2020. The training is valued at $30,000, but selected companies will only be asked to contribute $2,000 to participate.

2) Review Period
Applications will go to a panel of workforce development experts. The panel includes trainers as well as corporate leaders who have workforce development programs in place. BAN and e-Stewards staff are not part of the selection panel.

3) Selection
If you are chosen to be a part of the class of 2020, you will pay your participation fee, sign a contract, and agree to meet all scheduled tasks set out by James Emmett and Company in 2020.

Learn More

Email Prema George or call the e-Stewards office at (206) 436-8595 with any questions. You can also reach out to Bill Morris of Blue Star Recyclers, or call their office at (719) 494-4436.

*Note that the application is exclusively open to Certified e-Stewards and is password protected. If you have not received the password, contact Prema George to receive it.