e-Stewards Recycler Traci Phillips Goes Back to Her Roots In Battling e-Waste


Traci Phillips–Owner of Natural Evolution, Inc. in Tulsa, OK, ©Ambrica Productions

Traci Phillips knows there’s a right way to recycle. When she started her electronics recycling company, Natural Evolution, Inc., in 2002, she made a commitment to recycle her customers’ electronic waste, aka, e-waste, responsibly. And that meant never landfilling broken electronics or shipping them overseas to developing countries for “recycling” there. She took her pledge of responsibility further and certified Natural Evolution as an e-Stewards facility in 2010—committing to the highest standard in e-waste recycling.

When her company began growing, she partnered with another facility to help dismantle and recycle the ever-growing stream of e-waste flowing through Natural Evolution’s doors. Unfortunately, the recycler Phillips chose was not operating up to her standards, and she took back the e-waste from that facility to be responsibly recycled back at Natural Evolution—at high cost to her company.


But Phillip’s believes in stewardship, and the benefits of doing good translate into doing well in this scenario as her plant is again making a profit.

“I think it’s important people get up everyday and do something they believe in and are proud to do,” Phillips says in a video featured on the New York Times blog.

Read more about Traci Phillip’s journey to e-Stewardship and her commitment to the planet in the article by Colleen DeBaise on the New York Times blog here. The Story Exchange produced the content, which can be viewed on their site here. See what you can to do become an e-Steward at our site here.