Understanding Responsible Asset Value Recovery  

Finding the most accountable electronics recycler providing the highest standard of electronics recycling is a crucial step in surplus asset disposition for your asset value recovery (AVR). AVR is the process of obtaining the most value for end-of-life and surplus technology assets, also known as IT assets, by reuse or disposition through a responsible e-waste recycler or refurbisher. Surplus asset disposition is getting rid of your organizations old, broken, or surplus electronics.


To recycle servers and computers, a responsible recyclers will reclaim precious and difficult to mine materials, such as gold and palladium, and safely dispose of toxics such as mercury and cadmium. Refurbishers fix what assets they can for further use. Many retired assets can be easily repaired with parts replacements, upgrades, and even a more basic OS.

The e-Stewards Standard, followed by all e-Stewards Certified Recyclers, requires that all reusable technology assets are data-secured, fully-repaired, tested, and complete. They ensure assets are in good working condition to ensure the highest asset value is recoverable to the asset owner or client. Only when a technology asset cannot be economically repaired and reused should that asset be designated for responsible recycling, where valuable materials are safely reclaimed and toxics ethically disposed.

When you reach the surplus asset disposition of the AVR process, find a responsible recycler using our Find a Recycler map and learn how you can increase your brand’s position and AVR value.