Don’t Ditch That Console! Rethink What to Do With Your “Old” System

Relive the good times by holding onto your "old" consoles.

Relive the good times by holding onto your “old” consoles.

It’s an exciting time in the gaming world—the new Playstation 4 is launching November 15th and the Xbox One  follows shortly after on November 22nd.  While some gamers are planning on taking a few days off to get intimately acquainted with their new platform(s), few are likely planning what to do with their old ones, which may now seem obsolete.

Before you throw away your old systems, step back and re-valuate if that’s something you really want to do. Keep in mind a few important items:

No More Kicking It Old School

The new systems don’t currently, and may never, support back compat, which means those old Final Fantasy titles may only ever be played on the “old” systems. A measly few “older” titles you won’t be playing anytime soon, if ever, on your new system(s):

And if the systems ever do support some form of back compat, or just re-releasing the titles, keep in mind it’ll probably be up to the publishers to do so. Which means it’ll be up to them to decide if and how they charge you for titles you already own but can’t play.

Give your 360 to someone who will keep loving it.

Give your 360 to someone who will keep loving it.

The Gift That Can Keep Giving—To Someone Else

Who do you know who might benefit from your now “outdated” console? A relative? The cat lady down the street? The teen who’s never even touched a console but sure wishes they could? Or how about making a sick child’s day a whole lot better by donating your console? Here are a few places to donate that fully-functional console and the games that go with it:

  • The Get-Well Gamers Foundation: This organization gives consoles, games and accessories to participating hospitals so sick kids can kick some gaming booty while they get better.
  • Game Changer: Formerly Donate Games, Game Changer gives games and old electronics to children with rare genetic illnesses.
  • Vinny’s Kids: Started in 2004 by fourteen-year old Vinny Cherry, Vinny’s Kid helps sick kids in hospitals pass the times by gaming, watching DVDs and playing with other electronics while they recover.
  • Goodwill and other cause-related thrift shops will gladly accept your consoles, gear and games and resell them for a good cause.

Also check out local teen drop-in centers and homeless shelters and see if they’ll take that console off your hands.

Do It For the Ducats

So you want to make some change off your older consoles so you can invest in the new, shiny PS4 or the Xbox One. Fine. I get it, and so does Jesse Divnich, vice president of insights and analysis for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research. In an article on Polygon about what to do with your PS3 and 360, he states, “If you’re someone who’s truly going to transition over to the new systems, then maybe selling your console might be ideal.” Check out the post for how and where to sell your systems.

Really? Time to Say Goodbye?

If it’s really time to say your farewells to your consoles, if you’re positive no one wants them, they’re just no longer for this plane of existence, then make certain you send them off in a manner deserving of all the fun you’ve shared together. Find a certified e-Stewards recycler. A certified e-Stewards recycler is someone who will lovingly, responsibly and ethically recycle your electronics in the electronic waste equivalent of a twenty-gun salute.

Your e-waste will be broken down into reusable components, such as copper, gold, and aluminum. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your console’s toxic innards have been disposed of properly so they don’t come back to haunt you and the environment. No one wants to be exorcising the demons of lead poisoning and mercury toxicity due to a console without a proper burial.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This Advice…

Whichever path you choose to take with your old gaming console(s), make sure you keep the environment and yourself safe by re-gifting/ donating your outdated gear to a good cause or choosing a certified e-Stewards recycler to properly dispose of all your e-waste, including consoles.