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Is EPA listening about voluntary electronics recycling standards?

By Neil Peters-Michaud. “I am hopeful this EPA study will recognize the differences between the two standards [e-Stewards and R2], differences among certifying bodies … and differences among processors holding each standard. I suspect EPA will find significant disparities within each of these areas.”

Capstone Wireless Achieves e-Stewards Certified Designation

“As a Certified e-Stewards Recycler, Capstone Wireless ensures Dallas, Fort Worth and regional and national businesses and residents that their old electronics will be recycled responsibly,” said Jim Puckett, Executive Director of BAN.

Nigeria to Prosecute e-Waste Importers

Another indicator that the international community takes e-waste very, very seriously (as should we all): The Nigerian government has vowed to clamp down on importers of out-dated electrical and electronic equipment, popularly known as e-waste.

The e-Stewards Difference

“King County agencies recycled over 125,700 pounds of e-waste in 2011. Our ordinance to only use e-Stewards recyclers ensures responsible, compliant recycling.” Dow Constantine, King County Executive, WA

Senator Gillibrand Supports e-Waste Recycling Bill

“This legislation will crack down on the reckless handling of electronic waste overseas, boost responsible domestic e-waste recycling at facilities like WeRecycle!, and protect Americans from fraudulent schemes that threaten national security.”

What is Stewardship, Exactly?

The smart people at the California Product Stewardship Council, Product Policy Institute and Product Stewardship Institute now agree on definitions for key terms in growing movement for manufacturer responsibility for discarded products. So what is “product stewardship,” exactly?



Rare Earth Metal Driving Japan’s e-Cycling Politics

The second in our Report: E-Cycling in Japan, by Yuka Takamiya of the e-Stewards Initiative. One reason the Japanese government recently became serious about solving the e-waste problem is China’s recent halts of rare earth exports — crucial raw material for Japan’s electronics sectors.

e-Stewards Standard Subsumes R2 – Why?

By Carol Baroudi, published on (re)blog, the blog of e-Stewards Recycler Redemtech. Effective March 1, 2012, certification to become an e-Stewards recycler will automatically qualify a recycler as R2 as well. Why did the e-Stewards Initiative do this? Read on.

Report: e-Cycling in Japan (Part 1)

Part one of a first-hand report by Yuka Takamiya of e-Stewards.

I recently had an opportunity to spend a few months in Japan conducting research on the current situation of e-waste recycling. Here’s what’s really going on with e-cycling there.