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Environment and Seahawks Win Big

The Seahawks and environment both won big the past month–the Seahawks won the Super Bowl and the NFL, who partnered with Broadway Green Alliance, Verizon and AnythingIT, prevented over 9,000 pounds of e-waste from being landfilled or worse.

Make the Season Greener and Brighter with These Lighting Tips

Did you know holiday lights are e-waste and can be recycled by some certified e-Stewards recyclers? And most lights that “break” may only need a little attention to get them back to lighting up the season. Go green for the holidays by repairing broken lights when possible and recycling them when it’s not.

An Addendum to Black Friday: Planning What to Do With Your Old Electronics

Braving the cold the day after Thanksgiving in pursuit of affordable holiday gifts and electronics is a tradition in many households. And while standing in freezing weather brings some families together, maybe it’s time to add on a new tradition—an annual Planning What to Do With Your Old Electronics.

Don’t Ditch That Console! Rethink What to Do With Your “Old” System

Two game console releases are fast approaching: the Sony Playstation 4 launches Friday, November 15th and the  Xbox One a week later on Friday, November 22nd. So where does that leave your “old” PS3 and your 360? Hopefully not in the trash–not after all you’ve been through together. Rethink what you’re going to do with your “old” systems, with the option of keeping the love alive.