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Rare Earth Metal Driving Japan’s e-Cycling Politics

The second in our Report: E-Cycling in Japan, by Yuka Takamiya of the e-Stewards Initiative. One reason the Japanese government recently became serious about solving the e-waste problem is China’s recent halts of rare earth exports — crucial raw material for Japan’s electronics sectors.

Pakistani Newspaper Notes e-Waste Imports, Risks

In-country report: Hazardous E-waste has become one of the biggest health risks of this century in Pakistan, with rising trend of bulk imports of used and obsolete computers and other electronic equipment from the West, taking full advantage of “yet to be enacted E-waste laws” in the country.

Swedish EPA Reports on Global E-Waste

It has been ten years since BAN's groundbreaking report "Exporting Harm: The High Tech Trashing of Asia." What is the current state of e-waste management globally? Check out this comprehensive report published by the Swedish EPA earlier this year. Reported by Martin Forsman Hedman and Fredrik Envall.