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Pakistani Newspaper Notes e-Waste Imports, Risks

In-country report: Hazardous E-waste has become one of the biggest health risks of this century in Pakistan, with rising trend of bulk imports of used and obsolete computers and other electronic equipment from the West, taking full advantage of “yet to be enacted E-waste laws” in the country.

E-Waste Legislation Gaining Support

The potential to create jobs and stop toxic electronic waste from being exported has spurred the world’s largest recycler to support proposed federal legislation. Read this article from American Metal Market, December 30, 2011.

Swedish EPA Reports on Global E-Waste

It has been ten years since BAN's groundbreaking report "Exporting Harm: The High Tech Trashing of Asia." What is the current state of e-waste management globally? Check out this comprehensive report published by the Swedish EPA earlier this year. Reported by Martin Forsman Hedman and Fredrik Envall.

BAN, Sierra Club Sue Over Naval Ship Sinking Exercises

The US Navy has sent 70% of our obsolete fleet over the past decade to the ocean’s depth. It’s not the most environmentally responsible option, nor cheapest, nor does it provide war-like training opportunities. SINKEX is just a long standing policy that has gone unquestioned for years. Until now.

How to Spot a Fake e-Recycler

With the best intentions, and perhaps to make room for upcoming holiday purchases, you set aside your end-of-life electronics for recycling. But if you deliver the junked e-waste to an irresponsible "recycler," you will be doing far more harm than good.

America Recycles Day: Do Your Part, Responsibly

Before you get out there and do your part, and in particular with regard to recycling your old toxic electronics, make sure you are not simply handing your equipment off to those that call themselves recyclers but are really nothing more than waste distributors and exporters.