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Nigeria to Prosecute e-Waste Importers

Another indicator that the international community takes e-waste very, very seriously (as should we all): The Nigerian government has vowed to clamp down on importers of out-dated electrical and electronic equipment, popularly known as e-waste.

The e-Stewards Difference

“King County agencies recycled over 125,700 pounds of e-waste in 2011. Our ordinance to only use e-Stewards recyclers ensures responsible, compliant recycling.” Dow Constantine, King County Executive, WA

E-Waste Truth: Podcast

From Jefferson Public Radio, covering Southern Oregon and Northern California. The Basel Action Network’s Sarah Westervelt lends her voice to this podcast, “E-Waste Truth.” With each new electronic device, an outdated one heads for the trash.  What happens to those devices once we’re through with them?

e-Stewards Recycling on NPR

Hear Lauren Roman, e-Stewards Business Director, speak about the problems of e-waste and the importance of using Certified e-Stewards Recyclers to ensure responsible recycling and data security. Click to “tune in” to NPR’s Hartford website to hear the discussion.

Senator Gillibrand Supports e-Waste Recycling Bill

“This legislation will crack down on the reckless handling of electronic waste overseas, boost responsible domestic e-waste recycling at facilities like WeRecycle!, and protect Americans from fraudulent schemes that threaten national security.”

What is Stewardship, Exactly?

The smart people at the California Product Stewardship Council, Product Policy Institute and Product Stewardship Institute now agree on definitions for key terms in growing movement for manufacturer responsibility for discarded products. So what is “product stewardship,” exactly?



What Happens to Your Electronics: Inside An E-Recycling Plant

Public radio station WNYC takes you behind the scenes to discover what happens to your e-waste in New York City — that is, when you choose responsible collectors and e-Stewards Recyclers. Read, listen and view a slide show here.

Texas-Sized FAIL on e-Waste

“State lawmakers gave the environmental agency the authority to ensure that companies won’t rely on ‘sham recyclers’ that actually export and dump our old electronics on developing nations overseas, but today the state agency sadly chose not use that authority.”

E-Waste + Developing Countries = Neurological Risk

A news report in The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals, directly links e-waste “recycling” in developing countries with serious neurological risk. “… many people are working without any kind of protection—most aren’t even aware of the potential risks.”