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Environmental Group Offers Businesses a Way to Track Their e-Waste

June 21, 2018. Seattle, WA. Basel Action Network (BAN), which has become internationally known for placing GPS units inside discarded electronics and tracking them to horrific recycling operations in Asia and Africa, is now offering an enterprise-scale version of their technology to corporations and governments of all kinds.

New Program to Provide Low-Cost, Ethically Refurbished Computers to Digitally Disadvantaged Students and Families

Orlando, Florida; Seattle, Washington. September 19, 2017. The electronics recycling and refurbishment certification program known as e-Stewards® today announced a new “digital equity” program designed to channel computer equipment from large corporations and institutions to needy individuals and communities across North America.

Despite the fact that education, jobs, job access, and emergency services depend heavily on the internet and computing equipment, 1 in 5 persons in the United States today still have no access to the internet. Meanwhile, every year, thousands of working computers, printers and peripherals are removed from service and are shredded, or worse, exported to dirty recycling operations in developing countries.

Global Ewaste Solutions Becomes First e-Stewards Company South East Asia

Global Ewaste Solutions Pte., Ltd., in Singapore, has been granted the first e-Stewards® certification in South East Asia, and is the first to offer global coverage with three e-Stewards Certified facilities outside of the United States. The e-Stewards Certification is widely recognized as the most rigorous standard for socially and environmentally sound electronics recycling and asset management in the world.

Welcome to the BAN & e-Stewards Blog – Report from Cartagena

At long last BAN is launching its first blog and we are glad you are here! The purpose of this blog is to engage you and other readers in a conversation about responsible waste recycling and trade. It will revolve around BAN’s three central campaigns: Responsible Electronic Waste Stewardship, Responsible Ship Recycling, and Implementation of the Basel Convention – a treaty designed to control hazardous waste trade and disposal from which BAN takes its name. Here you will be finding contributions from all of BAN's staff as well as guest contributions (that means you!). Read More